Розвиток фермерських господарств і їхнє місце в аграрному виробництві регіону

The article analyzes the land fund of Khmelnitsky region, the dynamics of the production of agricultural economic output by types of farms, as well as a comparison with the size of the area of the farm with farmer households in other countries. Also, conditions were analyzed and opportunities that improve the competitiveness of farms. The paper reveals the modern challenges and opportunities for agricultural production in the Khmelnitsky region. The central object of research is the farm, as one of the key elements of sustainable development of the region in the context of the development of rural areas and communities. Also, the relationship was analyzed between farm size and competitiveness, as well as given the factors that would improve the competitiveness of farm data. From our research shows that the development of agriculture as a whole Khmelnitsky region still has potential, but only if increasing the number of farms and small and medium enterprises. With the consolidation of enterprises Khmelnytsky region could lose by charging taxes and the budget will face a global problem of unemployment in rural areas as farmers keep themselves and their families, family. In addition, the farmer will develop its rural areas and local communities.

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Development of farms and their place in agricultural production area
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Mar 20 2017
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Journal Article
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Agricultural and Resource Economics: International Scientific E-Journal, Volume 3, Number 1
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Q12; Q15

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