Effects of Fertiliser and Goat Manure on Nutrient Production of King Grass in Jamaica

In a continuing effort to establish its potential as a basic fodder grass for goat production in Jamaica the effects of different manure treatments on the nutrient production of9-week regrowths ofKing grass were studied over two years using a randomised bJlock design with six replications. The manure treatments were inorganic fertiliser (F), goat manure (GM) and inorganic fertiliser + goat manure (FGM), all providing the equivalent of 150 kg Nt halyr, and a control (no manure, N). There were significant (P<O.OOl) differences between the treatments for nutrient production. F produced the highest amounts of crude protein (CP, 3.2 tlhalyr) and digestible organic matter (OOM, 13.1 tlhalyr) as 􀀀~􀀀I result ofhigh dry matter yield (DM, 26 t/ha/yr) and high contents ofCP (13.2%) and in vitro organic matter digestibility (IVOMD, 52.7%). FGM, GM and N followed in that order forDMyield (22.1, 13.0 and 8.4 tlha/yr), CP yield (2.8, 1.5 and 0.9 tlha/yr) and DOMyield (11.3,6.6 and 4.2 tJhaIyr) although FGM had similar CP (13.2%) and IVOMD (52.5%) contents as F. However, the cost per tonne ofDM (US$13), CP (US$l 05) and DOM (US$26) produced with FGM was 12, 17 and 13% lower than for F and GM.

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Jul 12 1998
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Conference Paper/ Presentation
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