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000252663 246__ $$aFinancial feasibility analisys for construction and operation of regional Trail Federal Inspection Type (TIF)
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000252663 520__ $$aThe formulation and economic evaluation of the investment project is presented, entitled: feasibility study for the construction and operation of Regional Trail South "Domínguez" Federal Inspection Type (TIF) with Name: Regional Trail South "Dominguez" S. A de CV, as stated in the Act number 12411 indicating the formation and legal structure of the Company; Road located in the Devisadero - La Estancia de Ixtapan, unnumbered, Lodo Prieto, Tejupilco municipality, State of Mexico, CP 51425. The main objective of the project is the construction of physical work, including land, with equipment and relevant infrastructure, according to guidelines and standards of operation that provides a trail of its kind, i.e. Federal Inspection, framed both Act as official health standards, in the State of Mexico and nationally. According to the embedded content throughout the document, the trail project presents commercial viability or market, as to the existence of a local and regional unmet beef and pork, as well as marketing conditions and consumer prices appropriate to the study area. In addition, the project is technically feasible, because the location and size were considered optimal, engineering and production process are viable, well established organization and legal framework. On the financial side, the total estimated initial investment was 53.5 million pesos, 83.7% is tangible, intangible 0.1%, 1.7% and 14.6% contingency as working capital.
The operating cost per unit produced and/or sold is less than the selling price for each product (beef and pork), which is indicative of profitability. The breakeven analysis indicated that required to produce and/or sell services 240 (maquilas and selling channels), equivalent to 2.6 million dollars per year to the total cost of production equals the total sales revenue. The horizon of the project planned trail, went to 10 years, with an initial total investment of 53.5 million pesos (MDP) and an annual EBITDA of 43.1 MDP. The project evaluation indicated that a minimum acceptable rate of return (MARR) of 12%, the project is paid completely, nine months and 18 days and will generate a cumulative operating profit (VAN) in its useful life, MDP 102.6, representing an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the investment, 77.1% and a True Profitability Rate (TPR or IRRM) of 30.9%. The actual trail project profitability is 65.1%, so you have no risk of losses. Under the conditions raised, the trail project will not cause damage to the environment, human, animal, vegetable or look down. Therefore, the results obtained, execution or implementation, resource management via pre institutions, state and federal agricultural order is suggested.
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