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000246096 245__ $$aAnalysis of Marketing Strategies in Dairy Processing Industries in Hamedan Province
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000246096 520__ $$aAs the conditions in the market and in the world of work
and commerce gets more complicated, this requires correction,
improvement and also updating marketing attitude
among manufacturers and marketers. It is an urgent requirement
to choose and determine strategies in order to achieve the objectives.
Strategy means the comprehensive and main plan in
manufacturing unit revealing the way it achieves the goals.
On the other hand, as processing inducts toward market, the
rate of wastage (losses) reduces. This Study concerns processing
industries and finding suitable important strategies. Toward
this end, present study seeks to investigate the market and the
strategies of marketing in processing industries. The society
under study in this investigation consists of producers, retailers
and the consumers of dairy processing industries in Hamedan
province. The data required for this study are connected using
three groups of questionnaire. Mreover, factor analysis and
structural equation modelling have been used as the statistical
method of the investigation. The output of Lisrel and Amos
softwares are used to study the variables. The common marketing
strategies are defined in results section and each one is compared
with prefent conditions of dairy processing industry market in
Hamedan province, and acceptable and unacceptable marketing
strategies are assigned separately. In the end, several recommandations
are presented for using strategies and conducting
future investigations
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