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000245836 520__ $$aAdequate resource management represents the basic precondition for
successful agricultural production. The majority of municipalities in which
agriculture represent the primary activity are facing the significant dispersal of
human and other natural resources. It is unreal to expect that local self-government
can stop the negative trends by itself. There is an encourageing fact that in many
municipalities there are agriculture development programmes, and agrarian funds
were established to supports perspective households, financially and on some other
ways. This kind of approach, where producers are not left on their own, but
supported to organise, to make connections with suppliers and buyers, financial
and scientific institutions, relatively fast gives the results. Supporters of individual
households stimulates younger population to stay in villages and to work in
agriculture. Wider aspect of such approach considers stopping or slowdowning the
process of land deterioration, аnd more efficient and effective usage of agricultural
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