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000235230 245__ $$aChanges in the Polish agriculture in the light of the CAP implementation
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000235230 520__ $$aAgricultural policy in Poland supports the functioning of numerous types of agricultural models, including the following models: traditional, industrial, environmental, induced development and sustainable growth.
The CAP objectives and mechanisms, as well as individual characteristics of the Polish agriculture indicate that in the long run the development pattern should be based on a dual model. Certain farms, while
maintaining the basic requirements of environmental protection, should implement production methods ensuring high economic viability (industrial agriculture); other farms should base their development on more
eco-friendly methods, which enable the use of environmental, social and cultural assets at hand (sustainable agriculture). This paper defines the most important development stages of global agriculture, indicates the connection between the necessity of state’s intervention policy and sustainable development, presents selected characteristics of the Polish agriculture with an analysis of the most important effects of implementing
the CAP and illustrates the conclusions concerning the shape of the future long-term agricultural policy in Poland.
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