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000230777 245__ $$aConsumer Demand for Potato Products and Willingness-to-Pay for Low-Acrylamide, Sulfite-Free Fresh Potatoes and Dices: Evidence from Lab Auctions
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000230777 520__ $$aWe assess consumer demand for traditional fresh potatoes and processed potato products and
willingness to pay for new experimental low-acrylamide and sulfite-free potato products. Demand
for fresh potatoes, potato chips, and fries is unaffected by household income or education, but
demand for chips and fries is affected by consumer age and exercise habits. Subjects display
increased willingness to pay for new potato products after receiving a private company perspective
about the technology and risks associated with exposure to acrylamide, a carcinogen, in fried
conventional potatoes and a new product, potato dices. We find that consumers are willing to pay
for enhanced food safety in fresh potato products achieved using biotechnology.
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