The Effect of Antimicrobial Drugs Tylocolinum, Tetragold and Cidisept-o on Escherichia coli Ultrastructure

As a result of wide antibiotics, sulfonamides and other antimicrobial agents usage for the therapy of the animals with the bacterial infections caused by various causative agents including Escherichia coli, many microorganisms gained resistance to the chemotherapeutic agents. New combined drugs are being worked out during recent years, the components of which have various influence mechanisms on the bacterial cell that helps to provide resistance forming control. The results of the researches of the new antimicrobial agents, containing antibiotics in their composition, and non-antibiotic agent influence on the ultrastructure of Escherichia coli are represented in this study. 5-hour Escherichia coli 866 culture was processed by the drugs of the minimum bactericidal (Tylocolinum-0.39 µg/ml, Tetragold-6.25 µg/ml, Cidisept-o-25 µg/ml) and 4-time concentrations during 3 hours. Samples and control culture (without drugs) were fixed by the 2.5% glutaricdialdehyde on the s-Collidine Buffer, dehydrated in the ethanol with rising concentration, filled in epoxies. Ultrathin slices were stained by 2% water solution of uranyl acetate and lead citrate for 10 minutes. Then they were examined with the use of the electron microscope JEM-100 CX II by JEOL. The research showed deep ultrastructural changes in Escherichia coli cells under the antimicrobial agent influence determined by synergistic effect of combined Tylocolinum and Tetragold drugs components, possessing various bacteria influencing mechanisms, and aldehyde that is a component of Cidisept-o. The electron microscopy usage allows to get unique information about the impact consequences of the traditional improved drugs and new drugs with antimicrobial activity on the bacterial infectious agents.

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Journal Article
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Sustainable Agriculture Research, Volume 02, Number 3

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