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000022527 520__ $$aThe purpose of this paper is to consider some aspects of the problems of the farm credit supply. It is not intended to be exhaustive in its treatment of a very wide subject that has already been discussed so frequently. It is felt, however, that the recent emphasis on development (rural and other) justifies another look at the subject, especially ill relation to some modifications in the approach to farm credit and the facilities for its supply. 
Sir John Crawford has said that discussion of the subject of rural credit "easily lends itself to emotion". I shall endeavour to avoid this pitfall. At the outset I would suggest that, for a subject so significant as the supply of farm credit in the Australian economy, the extent of our study of it in a detailed and objective fashion has been meagre; similarly, the factual material available for this study is, in the main, noteworthy for its generality and scrappiness.
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