Feasibility of Haze Governance Based on Carbon Sink Mode

In recent years, there are research findings of haze formation in various fields of academic circle. It has proved that causes of haze take on diverse characteristics. Thus, from both the natural and human perspective, haze governance should be diverse. Research conclusions on causes of haze formation mainly focus on special geographical structure, and meteorological factors such as relatively stable atmosphere, high rate of calm wind, high relative humidity and temperature of air, and human factors such as industrial pollution, automotive exhaust emissions, aerosol pollution, eutrophication of soil water, and change of city underlying surface. Carbon sink mode is a new channel for haze governance. In carbon sink mode, it is feasible to regulate relative humidity and temperature in air, enhance global wind, and reduce fine particles and microorganisms of air pollution, so as to reduce haze pollution. Besides, China’s special potential of carbon sink market makes it possible to govern haze on the base of carbon sink.

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Journal Article
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Volume 07, Issue 09
Asian Agricultural Research
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