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000208619 245__ $$aPrediction of leaf number by linear regression models in cassava
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000208619 520__ $$aEstimation of leaf number currently held on the plant and degree of leaf sheding occurred was carried out in two
Cassava (Manihot esculenta) morphotypes (Philippine and Nagra) at Mymensingh (24°75´N 90°50´E). Four linear
regression Models were developed for estimating leaf number (LN) from length (L) of mainstem (MS) and primary
branch (PB) and they were LNMS = -6.89 + 1.05LMS (Model # 1) and LNPB = -5.116 + 1.033LPB (Model # 2) for
Philippine; and LNMS = -4.041 + 0.73LMS (Model # 3) and LNPB = -1.597 + 0.707LPB (Model # 4) for Nagra
morphotype. New leaf number produced in the mainstem (LNMS) and primary branch (LNPB), total leaf number in the
mainstem (TLMS) and primary branch (TLPB) of each morphotype were also counted for leaf abscission (LAB)
prediction model and the results showed that the regression models of leaf abscission in the primary branch (LABPB)
from new leaf in the primary branch (LNPB) was effective (LABPB = - 0.521 + 0.525LNPB) (Model # 6). These
regression Models showed linear relationships when actual leaf number was plotted against predicted leaf number
and that this confirmed accuracy of the developed Models. Moreover, Models selection indices had high predictability
(high R2) with minimum error (low error mean square error and percentage deviation). The selected Models appeared
accurate and rapid, but can be used for estimation of leaf production in Philippine and Nagra morphotypes of
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