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000208084 245__ $$aAn Empirical Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Cooperative Relationship between Broiler Processing Enterprises and Broiler Raisers
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000208084 520__ $$aThe stability in the cooperative relationship between broiler processing enterprises and broiler raisers is a key factor restricting the performance of "company + farmers" business model in the broiler industry. Based on the survey data on seven cities in Shandong Province, from the perspective of broiler processing enterprises, this paper uses Logit-ISM model to reveal the factors influencing the stable relationship between broiler processing enterprises and broiler raisers as well as the hierarchy of these factors. Studies have shown that enterprise characteristics (enterprise scale, enterprise level, attitudes and behaviors), cognitive characteristics (transaction cost cognition, cognition of contract's binding force, reputation mechanism cognition) and environmental characteristics (intermediary coordination) will affect the stability of cooperative relationship. And finally, some policy recommendations are set forth in order to promote the development of broiler industry.
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