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000206900 245__ $$aThe Introduction of Dynamic Features in a Random-Utility-Based Multiregional Input-Output Model of Trade, Production, and Location Choice
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000206900 520__ $$aThis study introduces dynamic features into the random-utility-based multiregional input-output (RUBMRIO) model. The RUBMRIO model predicts interzonal trade and travel patterns, as well as business and household location choices, using consumption and production process data. It equilibrates production and trade, labor markets, and transportation networks simultaneously. Multinomial logit models predict the origins of productive inputs, including commute behaviors (for the input of labor).
With household locations and expenditures/incomes relatively well-known for the very near future, one can predict current trade patterns by making household consumption, as well as (foreign and domestic) export demands, exogenous to the model, resulting in short-term predictions. The long-run equilibrium, wherein household locations and consumption patterns are endogenous, will differ from this short-term solution.
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