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000206569 520__ $$aThere have been two major studies of the use of giant clam meat for food in Taiwan (Dawson and Philipson, 1989, Shang et al., 1991). The purpose of this paper is to provide some additional information about the demand for and use of giant clam meat for food in Taiwan, especially given the changing supply situation. It also gives specific recipes used in Taiwan for preparing dishes using giant clam meat. These are of twofold interest:
A survey of Asian restaurants in Australia found that they were interested in using giant clam meat in their cuisine but had no recipes and little knowledge of how to prepare it. The range of recipes indicates that although Taiwanese prefer clam adductor muscle, they do have dishes which use clam mantle and dried clam meat.
It was also found that a considerable Taiwanese market may exist for the raw meat of young clams. These findings have favourable implications for farmed giant clams for which there is likely to be an economic advantage in harvesting them at a young age.
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