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000200114 246__ $$aCharacterization of Organic Consumer Products in the City of Toluca, Mexico
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000200114 520__ $$aAt the organic market Mexico is a major producer, but among the population the consumption represents only the 15%, and only 5% of this products are marketed as organic product (OP) while the remaining 10% of products are marketed as conventional. The sale point is another reason offered for the low and rare consumption, such as the low investment by producers for the dissemination and identification of the organic concept and the benefits that this products provides.
Since the OP marketing plans has shown an endogenous development and the exportation
demand of this products has grown, this study aims to determine the characteristics of the organic product consumers at Toluca City, Mex., by the analysis of surveys results. The research was carried out in three stages: 1) Documentary research, 2) Implementation survey, 3) Analysis of the results.
From January to March 2011, 386 surveys were applied to typified the ultimate consumer of
OP, which brought the following characteristics: consumer age between 24 to 35 years, the decision to buy depends on the females with a higher educational, employees and a socioeconomic level C+, the consumption trend shows 44%, the variables that affect consumption are: the product is really expensive, the lack of benefits and that is hard to find it in the market, whereas they are preferred because they are considered healthy and fresh products, the recognition is based on the packaging and the certification seal, the consumers spends between $ 200.00-$ 500.00.
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