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Journal Article
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Scandinavian Forest Economics: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics
2010, Number 43
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Berck, P. The Fuel for Land Use Change ; page 112 Brazee, R. J. and Meilby, H. Volvo Theorem Revisited ; page 112 Favada, I. An Economic Analysis of Forest Rotation without Interest Rate – Setting the Scene ; page 113 Hankala, A., Wikström, P., Öhman, K. and Eriksson, L. O. An integrated MCDA software application for forest planning:a case study in Southwestern Sweden; page 113 Jacobsen, J. B. and Thorsen, B. J. Varying levels of information and strategies for adapting forest management to climate change; page 114 Kurttila, M., Hiltunen, V. and Pykäläinen, J. Generating top-level plans in hierarchical forest planning – the case of Metsähallitus; page 115 Petty, A., Kärhä, K. and Mutikainen, A. Cost-efficient small-diameter wood harvesting method in early thinnings; page 116 Rößiger, J. and Knoke, T. An optimization model for a mixed species stand management with determination of the harvest sequence under uncertainty; page 117 Solberg, B., Bergseng, E. and Lindstad, B. H. Potential impacts of international regimes for biodiversity protection and carbon sequestration in forestry – a quantitative approach; page 118

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