Compilation of foresight studies to support forest policy processes in Finland

The global financial crisis, Russia’s taxation policy for exported wood and EU’s targets for the use of renewable energy have had a significant effect on the forest sector in Finland in recent years. The significance of foresight work has increased, as the operational environment of the forest sector is complex and constantly changing. Yet, there is a long tradition of forest-related foresight studies: For instance, UNECE Timber Committee, FAO Forestry Commission, IIASA Forestry Programme and ITTO in cooperation with many national and international organizations have produced information on trends and made policy analyses. At a national level, forest-related foresight work has been carried out in Sweden, France, Germany and United States among others. Additionally, numerous industryspecific international organizations have implemented foresight processes. In Finland, forest-related foresight studies have recently been carried out by the University of Eastern Finland, the Finnish Forest Research Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as a part of the National Forest Programme. In addition, other instances such as consulting companies, forest industry as well as other research institutes have published foresight reports. Interest and resources for foresight exercises have increased in the society in general. Also, methodology has benefitted from recent advances. The aim of our study was to compile the current information, in a condensed form, on the recent foresight work carried out in the Finnish forest sector and in other relevant sectors and to identify strenghts and possible gaps in the acquired foresight information. Our focus was on the foresight work published or carried out in 2008 or later in Finland, with additional information from relevant sources abroad. Results of this study will be presented. The review will serve the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in forest policy processes as well as point out possible new directions for future forest-related foresight studies.

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Scandinavian Forest Economics: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics
2012, Number 44
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