Evaluación de la Concentración de Proteína y Metabolitos Libres en el Rio Estero Real y su Relación con los Parámetros Fisicoquímicos, en el Periodo Noviembre 2013 - Abril 2014.

The aim of this study was to assess, in the period from November 2013 to April 2014, the health of the water body del Estero Real River by varying physicochemical parameters and their reflection in the dynamics of intermediary metabolism of the major compounds organic. The Estero Real River was divided into 10 sampling sites from the cooperative Herrera Membreño to AGRIMAR II (23 Km). Once a month readings were taken and physicochemical parameters of water and sediment samples were collected to assess concentrations of energy compounds. Therefore, we evaluated the dynamics of concentrations of essential energy compounds (proteins, amino acids and glucose) for the proper functioning of life of different organisms and their relation to changes in the physicochemical parameters in the period November 2013- April 2014. The highest pH values were found in the months of December and January (8.1 and 8.4, respectively); oxygen dissolved in water showed the highest level in February (7.9 mg / L) and lowest in December (1.9 mg / L): the maximum values of salinity and temperature was presented in the month of April with 38.7 ppm and 31.6 ° C, respectively. And the month in which the waters of the river Estero Real had higher turbidity is January (27.5 cm Secchi disk reading). In water, the behavior of the concentrations of amino acids and proteins have low ratio with respect to behavior of the salt concentration (R = 0.23 and R = 0.29, respectively), as opposed to what was observed with glucose (R = 0.95). In sediment, levels of energy and protein amino compounds have a tendency to decrease over time, not being the case for glucose. The salt concentration ratio regarding protein levels showed (R = -0.71), the concentration of amino acids (R = 0.2) and glucose concentration (R = 0.31). The results found on dissolved oxygen levels allow us to suggest that the body of water that forms the Estero Real River, over several months has serious stress problems affecting the conditions for animal welfare.

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Evaluation of Protein Concentration and Metabolites in Rio Estero Free Real and Its Relationship with Physicochemical Parameters in the period November 2013 - April 2014 .
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Feb 05 2015
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Thesis/ Dissertation
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