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000188107 245__ $$aHow do environmental regulations affect investments in biofuel and biofuel R&D?: the case of transgenic trees.
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000188107 520__ $$aGenetically engineered or transgenic trees can play a major role in providing the
feedstock for an energy sector that relies increasingly on renewable energy. Biomass
energy sources such as wood, both in the form of direct combustion and in the production
of liquid biofuels for transport, are being viewed as a major energy source of the near
future. Worldwide there is a growing emphasis to shift from fossil fuel to renewable
energy sources largely in recognition of the GHG emissions associated with fossil fuels.
The potential exists for customizing trees to provide energy, both as a feedstock for liquid
biofuels and for direct combustion either as raw wood chips or a wood pellets. However,
in the U.S. all transgenic plants, including trees, automatically come under regulation and
must be deregulated if they are to be grown in large commercial operations. Although
there is a process for deregulating transgenic plants through the US Department of
Agriculture – Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and other government
agencies, the process has become increasingly slow and cumbersome, particularly for
perennial plants including trees. Indeed, it is argued that the obstacles to deregulation
have been increasing. This paper looks at that situation and identifies some of the
elements that contribute to the slowing of the process. It notes some inherent conflicts
and social tradeoffs between a timely deregulation process and concerns about
environmental obstacles given current legal decisions.
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