Critical Issues for Agriculture in the 1980's: Domestic Policy, Trade, and Transportation

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Contents SESSION I. Domestic Policy and Credit Agriculture in the Nation's Economy: Background and Issues Alex McCalla 8; Agricultural Policy, the Canadian Perspective J.C. Gilson 14; Agriculture in the Nation's Economy: Background and Issues Willard W. Cochrane 24; Agriculture and Food Policy: Present Directions and Emerging Issues Kenneth R. Farrell 29; Agricultural Situation and Outlook Dawson Ahalt 38; Agriculture, Food, and Inflation John Rosine 43; Agriculture, Food, and Inflation Dawson Ahalt 53; Inflation: What It Is and What It Does Dennis Starleaf 58; U.S. Agricultural Outlook in a World Setting Rex Daly 69; Food Additives and Policy Goals D. Mark Hegsted 75; Energy, A Special Issue for Agriculture Otto Doering 82; Agricultural Policy Issues: Current Perspectives Lynn M. Daft 91; Credit and Agricultural Policy John E. Lee, Jr., and Edward I. Reinsel 99; Another View of Credit Legislation and Policy C.K. Cardwell and Patrick J. Moriarty 104; Helping Younger Farmers Get Started: The Credit Picture Leslie Peterson 111; Lynn Pickinpaugh 115; The Role of the FHA Bruce Bailey 118; Capital Gains, Cash Flows, Credit and Government Policy in Agriculture Michael Boehlje 120; Trends and Innovations in Agricultural Credit Philip M. Raup 130; Trends and Innovations in Agricultural Credit, Canada H.D. McRorie 139; SESSION II. International Trade U.S. Farm Exports: More Important Now Than Ever Turner Oyloe 145; Discussion Hugh McDonald, moderator 155; Agricultural Trade: Historical Perspectives of Trade and Trade Policies James Houck 157; The Tokyo/Geneva Round of Negotiations Mary Chaves John E. Ray, Jr 162; The Role of Domestic Policies in Trade for Agricultural Commodities Tim Josling 166; Another View of Agricultural Trade Herman de Lange 172; Discussion Donald E. Anderson, moderator 174; European Community: The Biggest Outlet for U.S. Agricultural Exports and How It Tries to Cope with Its Problems of Imbalanced Markets Dr. Hans W. Stinshoff 182; How the World Feeds Itself Vernon Ruttan 193; Discussion Victoria Oshiro, moderator 201; Discussion Charles P. Lutz, moderator 204; Will the U.S. Fill the Growing Needs for Grain? Joseph Halow 208; A Look at Some Commodities: Sunflowers Ralph Hayenga 213; Sugar: Has Government Regulation Finally Turned It Sour? Walter P. Cornell 216; A Look at Some Commodities: Soybeans Jeffrey Gain 224; A Look at Some Commodities: Feed Grains Maury Brannan 228; A Look at Some Commodities: Livestock Kenneth Egertson 230; Green Currencies, Exchange Rates and Trade in U.S. Agricultural Products G. Edward Schuh Gary Williams 235; SESSION III. Transportation Financial Conditions in the Transportation Industry William K. Smith 245; Changes in Rail Transportation John E. Murray 248; Needed Changes in Rail Transportation William Dempsey 251; Discussion Robert Tosterud, moderator 254; Railroading: Anachronism or Dynamism, a Regional Perspective Ray H. Smith 259; Restructuring the Midwest: Moving Toward Better Rail Service James R. Wolfe 264; 1ransportation in the 1980's J. V. Springrose 266; Train Transportation Issues and Alternatives C. Phillip Baumel 269; Regulation: A Trucker's Perspective Richard T. Murphy 280; De-Regulation or Re-Regulation George Chandler 283; Agricultural Transportation Issues Fugo Oja 295; Discussion David Jones 296; Energy, Transportation, and Food, Interdependent Policy Issues James Schaffer 299; A Gateway to Better Markets AIan T. Johnson Sam L. Browman 305; The Issues as Seen by the U.S. Department of Transportation John M. Sullivan 307; Issues as Seen by the Minnesota Department of Transportation Charles Anders 311; The Issues as Seen by the Minnesota Department of Transportation Richard Braun 314; The Transportation Issues as Seen by the USDA Ronald Schrader Paul Mills 316; Rivers: Arteries of Commerce or Recreational Parks John W. Lambert Leonard Franklin 322; Panel Discussion Jerry Fruin 330; RayH. Smith Wes Hallman Leonard Franklin Panel Discussion James Harrison 336; Wes Hallman Jerry Fruin Jack Lambert Changes in Direction of National Transportation Policy Paul Tierney 340; Changes in Direction of National Transportation Policy Wesley R. Kriebe 343; Speakers and Discussants (listing by conference) 346

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