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000186526 520__ $$aTycoons and politicians are the main players of tourism in most parts of the world, and
they often use tourism as a tool for gaining economic and political power, and creating a
positive, albeit propagandized, image of their country. The paper is based on a positive
example of an approved project by the Government of Vojvodina Secretariat for Science
and Technological Development. The main goal of this paper is to show whether the local
residents are familiar with the project and how much they know about project, and what
is their opinion about the impact which this project or other similar projects have on the
observed area (Fruška Gora Mountain – Serbia). The conclusion is that there is a direct
positive relationship between residents’ perceptions of the benefits of tourism and their
political support. The method survey was conducted on a random sample of the residents
of seven local settlements (the sample of 249 participants). The data were processed with
the SPSS program (version 17.0). Chi-square test is used to determine the frequency of
specific deviations.
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