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000018180 520__ $$aThis study analyzes predictors of Korean public acceptance of the use of biotechnology to create genetically modified food products. Results indicate that the consumers with above average knowledge of specific outcomes of genetic modification were more likely than those with inaccurate or no knowledge to approve use of plant or animal genetic modification for the creation of new food products. Young South Koreans consumers (ages 20 to 29 years old) were more likely than old consumers (ages 50 to 59) to approve use of biotechnology to create both plant and animal based foods.  Further, those Koreans in favor of GM labeling were less likely to approve the use of biotechnology for the creation of food products. The results also suggest that public trust and confidence on various institutions associated with biotechnology is critical for the future of the technology. There was some evidence of differential biotechnology approval among consumers of different residential areas, income levels and political affiliation. Thus, those in cities, those with incomes above 40 million Won, and of liberal political affiliation were found to be more approving of animal biotechnology.
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