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000168382 245__ $$aEl Alentejo en la segunda mitad del siglo XX: dinamicas sociodemograficas diferenciadas
000168382 246__ $$aThe region of Alentejo in the second half of the 20th century: Differentiated social-demographic dynamics
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000168382 270__ $$pDo Carmo,   Renato
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000168382 336__ $$aJournal Article
000168382 520__ $$aEste texto tiene como tema los cambios sociodemograficos habidos en el Alentejo (region localizada al sur de Portugal).  A traves de un conjunto de indicadores de poblacion, veremos como este territorio registro durante el periodod 1950-2001 dinamicas demograficas diferenciadas y contradictorias...This paper will analyze the social changes that took place in the region of Alentejo (In Southern Portugal) on the last decades.  Using some statistical data from the national population census, the author will present and describe a complex reality of different and opposite demographic tendencies, like, for instance, the opposition between a recent urbanization and a progressive depopulation.  In three decades this region has suffered a huge and profound demographic transformation.
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000168382 650__ $$aPublic Economics
000168382 6531_ $$aAlentejo
000168382 6531_ $$aurbanizacion
000168382 6531_ $$adespoblamiento
000168382 6531_ $$acambios sociales
000168382 6531_ $$aAlentejo
000168382 6531_ $$aurbanization
000168382 6531_ $$adepopulation
000168382 6531_ $$asocial changes.
000168382 700__ $$aDo Carmo, Renato
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