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000164857 245__ $$aPopulation and labour in family farming in Poland
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000164857 490__ $$aMultiannual Program Reports 2005-2009
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000164857 520__ $$aThe socio-demographic characteristics of the farming population. Working life of persons living in agricultural holdings. Family labour inputs in family farms. Labour surplus and shortage. Hired labour and employment relationships in agriculture.
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000164857 650__ $$aLabor and Human Capital
000164857 6531_ $$afarming population
000164857 6531_ $$asocio-demographic characteristics
000164857 6531_ $$aagricultural holdings
000164857 6531_ $$afamily
000164857 6531_ $$alabour inputs
000164857 6531_ $$afamily farms
000164857 6531_ $$alabour
000164857 6531_ $$aemployment
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000164857 700__ $$aChmieliński, Paweł
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