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000163366 245__ $$aFighting Hunger Together: A Case of Women Farmers’
Participation in Women Groups in Mwala Division, Kenya
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000163366 520__ $$aFood security remains a major challenge for most rural households
in Kenya especially those in arid and semi arid areas. Women
play a crucial role as primary food producers and custodians of
household food security. They however face many constraints in
their endeavor to secure food for their households. Women, lack
access to extension education, land and credit and these challenges
are exacerbated by effects of climatic variability, especially drought.
In response to the difficulties facing them, women in Mwala have
formed organizations (women groups) as safety-nets to help them
face these challenges collectively rather than as individuals. This
study research was designed to investigate how women’s participation
in the groups influences them to overcome constraints
related to their household food security. The study used a cross
sectional survey design. A sample of 156 respondents was selected
through simple random sampling, with 94 women farmers being
group members and 62 non group members. Ten key informants
were purposively sampled from group leaders of the most active
women groups influenced in agricultural activities to participate in
a focus group discussion. The data was analysed using SPSS
package version 17 and presented using frequencies, percentages,
multiple regression, and Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient.
The study revealed that household food security is significantly and
positively influenced by participation of women farmers in women
groups (F = 9.980, p < 0.001), that the level of intensity of participation
in group activities did not significantly influence household food
security (x2 =.112) and that linking with outside agencies was
positively and significantly correlated to group performance measured
in terms of benefits availed to the members through their groups.
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