Estimation of Production Amount of Livestock and Poultry Manure and Environmental Impact Assessment in Guangxi

This study was intended to estimate production of major livestock and poultry manure and contaminant content, and find out current situation of manure pollution, so as to provide reference for pollution control of livestock and poultry breeding industry in Guangxi. Based on the related statistic data in 2010 and the excretion coefficient of different livestock and poultry, the manure and its contaminant production amount of main livestock and poultry in Guangxi were estimated. Then the annual livestock and poultry manure load of farmland and the loss of contaminant were also calculated to analyze the ecological pressure resulted from livestock and poultry breeding in Guangxi. Following results were obtained: in 2010, the production amount of the livestock and poultry manure in Guangxi was 9141.30×104 tons, including nutrient TN 42.07×104 tons and TP 13.62×104 tons; the annual livestock and poultry manure and N, P pure nutrient load of farmland was 21t/hm2, 98 kg/hm2, and 32 kg/hm2 respectively; the production amount of manure contaminants was BOD5 383.43×104 tons, CODCr 435.42×104 tons, and NH3-N 42.08×104 tons; according to 30% loss rate, the loss amount of CODCr and NH3-N was higher than the sum of industrial and life waste water. It was concluded that the livestock and poultry breeding industry had little impact on soil environment, but posed a grave threat to water environment.

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Journal Article
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Asian Agricultural Research, Volume 05, Issue 11
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