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000161516 245__ $$aSupermarket market-channel participation and  technology decisions of horticultural producers in Brazil
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000161516 270__ $$mmainvill@vt.edu$$pMainville,   Denise Y.
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000161516 490__ $$aVolume 45
000161516 490__ $$aNumber 3
000161516 520__ $$aThis paper examined the relationships between growers’ 
choice of market channel (emphasizing the supermarket market-chan-nel versus others), technology use, and grower characteristics such as 
human capital and farm size. Three key findings emerged. First, both 
tomato and lettuce growers selling to the supermarket market-channel 
had more human capital than those not participating. Second, while 
farm size was important in whether lettuce growers sell to supermar-kets, it was not important for tomato growers. Third, technology use was 
significantly more capital-intensive among lettuce growers selling to the 
supermarket channels, however, that was generally not the case for to-mato growers. These results are important to agribusiness researchers 
and policymakers interested in technology design and research and ex-tension to enable producers to adapt to the needs of changing agrifood 
markets, with new requirements of attributes of products and transac-tions, which in turn have implications for technology adoption and hu-man capital investment among growers. This is particularly pressing in 
places like Brazil where the market for horticultural products is chang-ing quickly, conditioned by the rapid rise of supermarkets.
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000161516 773__ $$dSeptember 2007$$j 45$$k 3$$o727$$q705$$tBrazilian Journal of Rural Economy and Sociology (Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural-RESR)
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