Território, cooperação e inovação: um estudo sobre o Arranjo Produtivo Pingo D’água

Several states and Brazilian countries already have adopted investment programs to the local productive arrangements (LPA’s) that involves by micro, small and median companies. However, most of the studies on LPA’s has given little attention to the local productive arran-gements of agricultural nature. This study intends to analyze the LPA, of irrigated agriculture, called “Drop of water” in Quixeramobim, Ceará. It was used primary and secondary data that were obtained through bibliographical and documental researches, case study and field rese-arches. The resulted were verified through of tabular and descriptive analyze. Inside the arrangement analyzed we could verify the involve-ment of several partners’ from different segments that participated in hi-gher or lower degree. This involvement of several partners’ establishing important instruments for introduction of innovations of product, pro-cess and organizational creating new competences and gains competitive advantages. However, it was verified the existence of obstacles related to the inexistence of inappropriate training centers for qualification of the producers, absence of research laboratories and lack of more appropriate credit lines adjusted producer’s reality. In spite of these problems, we can conclude that there was gain of resulted from the collective efficiency that was created by this productive gathering. This arrangement is a proof that with some social organization of the local actor’s will be possible to change the difficult reality of the families that earn from their income agriculture in the zone semi-arid of the Ceará.

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Sep 30 2006
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Journal Article
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Brazilian Journal of Rural Economy and Sociology (Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural-RESR), Volume 44, Number 3
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