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000160596 245__ $$aModelagem comportamental pela técnica  da preferência declarada aplicada aos agricultores  de Santa Helena (PR)
000160596 260__ $$c2006-06-30
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000160596 270__ $$mleoveraldo@yahoo.com.br$$pCurtarelli,   Leoveraldo
000160596 270__ $$mwrocha@unioeste.br$$pRocha Júnior,   Weimar Freire da
000160596 270__ $$mpfashiki@unioeste.br$$pShikida,   Pery Francisco Assis
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000160596 336__ $$aJournal Article
000160596 490__ $$aVolume 44
000160596 490__ $$aNumber 2
000160596 520__ $$aThis work analyses the behaviour of farmers as to the options 
of investing or not investing in buying lands, and aimed to know as far-mers make their decisions on investments with use of the Technique of 
Declared Preference. The research based on farmers of Santa Helena (PR), 
proprietors of areas equal to or higher than 72 (seventy-two) hectares. 
Data collection was based on interviews with a sample of 40 farmers. As 
principal results, the most significant attributes for the model were: “pur-pose of the investment”; “conditions of payments” and “funds”. Therefore, 
the investigated group presents a tendency to accomplish their invest-ments in owning lands due to: financial security, possibilities to pay in 
instalments and option of using their own funds to cover the debt.
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000160596 700__ $$aRocha Júnior, Weimar Freire da
000160596 700__ $$aShikida, Pery Francisco Assis
000160596 773__ $$dJune 2006$$jVolume 44$$kNumber 2$$o262$$q243$$tBrazilian Journal of Rural Economy and Sociology (Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural-RESR)
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