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000016033 520__ $$aTable of Contents:  Overview, by Laurian J. Unnevehr; Food safety as a public health issue for developing countries, by Fritz K. Kaferstein; Mycotoxin food safety risk in developing countries, by Ramesh V. Bhat and Siruguri Vasanthi; Trends in food safety standards and regulation: implications for developing countries, by Julie A. Caswell; Food safety issues in international trade, by Spencer Henson; Balancing risk reduction and benefits from trade in setting standards, by John Wilson and Tsunehiro Otsuki; Case study: Guatemalan raspberries and cyclospora, by Linda Calvin, Luis Flores, and William Foster; Case study: Kenyan fish exports, by Richard O. Abila; Case study: the shrimp export industry in Bangladesh, by James C. Cato and S. Subasinge; Case study: reducing pesticide residues on horticultural crops, by George W. Norton, Guillermo E. Sanchez, Dionne Clarke-Harris, and Halimatou Kone Traore; Case study: India responds to international food safety requirements, by Shashi Sareen; Case study: supermarkets and quality and safety standards for produce in Latin America, by Julio A. Berdegue, Fernando Balsevich, Luis Flores, Denise Mainville, and Thomas Reardon; Case study: beef industry in China, by Colin G. Brown and Scott A. Waldron; Case study: the poultry industry in Colombia, by Miguel I. Gomez, Diego M. Sierra, and Daisy Rodriguez; Case study: reducing mycotoxins in Brazilian crops, by Elisabete Salay; Food safety and GM crops: implications for developing-country research, by Joel I. Cohen, Hector Quemada, and Robert Frederick; Food safety policy issues for developing countries, by Laurian J. Unnevehr, Lawrence Haddad, and Christopher Delgado
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