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000157519 245__ $$aA model for evaluating the multifunctionality of agriculture in Slovenia
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000157519 520__ $$aThe primary aim of the present paper is to introduce a model which
permits relevant, actual and continuous monitoring of the multifunctionality of
agriculture in Slovenia and, using the model, to evaluate to what extent key elements
of multifunctional agriculture were in fact infl uenced by recent agricultural
policy goals and measures. Said evaluation was performed on various “multifunctionality
elements” using available statistical data for the period examined.
Based on selected socio-economic and spatial indicators, together with indicators
of biological diversity, the model provides an effi cient tool for assessing the
effectiveness of agricultural policy and its impact on the different functions of
agriculture. To evaluate the various multifunctionality elements of agriculture
and to assess the effect of agricultural policy measures, the model comprises
a qualitative assessment, quantitative assessment and the application of indicators
of multifunctionality. Based on the collected set of production, environmental
and social indicators used, the study points to an increased multifunctional role
of agriculture and agricultural policy in Slovenia. The results furthermore show
that the goals of agricultural policy in the period 1994-2004 were achieved to
a great extent and that the multifunctional attitude of agriculture in Slovenia is increasing.
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