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000156121 245__ $$aCapital Social das Comunidades Beneficiadas pelo Programa de Combate à Pobreza Rural – PCPR/Projeto São José – PSJ – Estado do Ceará
000156121 260__ $$c2005-03-30
000156121 269__ $$a2005-03-30
000156121 270__ $$msaeed@ufc.br$$pKhan,   Ahmad Saeed
000156121 270__ $$mlramos@ufc.br$$pSilva,   Lucia Maria Ramos
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000156121 336__ $$aJournal Article
000156121 490__ $$aVolume 43
000156121 490__ $$aNumber 01
000156121 520__ $$aThe objective of this study was to identify and analyze tangible
and intangible social capital of benefited communities by the resources
of rural Poverty Reduction Program in the state of Ceará. The data were obtained by interviewing individuals and leaders of communities benefited
by projects such as water supply, land reform, rural electrification and
agricultural mechanization. For each type of project, social capital index
was constructed. The results indicated that communities have medium
level of social capital accumulation and resources supplied by this program
contributed to increase social capital in these communities.
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000156121 700__ $$aKhan, Ahmad Saeed
000156121 700__ $$aSilva, Lucia Maria Ramos
000156121 773__ $$dMarch 2005$$jVolume 43$$kNumber 1$$o117$$q101$$tBrazilian Journal of Rural Economy and Sociology (Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural-RESR)
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