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000156088 245__ $$aAgricultura Familiar e Políticas Públicas: o Impacto do Pronaf no Rio Grande do Sul
000156088 260__ $$c2004-09-30
000156088 269__ $$a2004-09-30
000156088 270__ $$mflaviosa@ufpel.edu.br.$$pAnjos,   Flávio Sacco dos
000156088 270__ $$mwigodoy@hotmail.com$$pGodoy,   Wilson Itamar
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000156088 270__ $$mmcgomes@ufpel.edu.br$$pGomes,   Mário Conill
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000156088 336__ $$aJournal Article
000156088 490__ $$aVolume 42
000156088 490__ $$aNumber 03
000156088 520__ $$aThe PRONAF (Programa Nacional de Fortalecimento da
Agricultura Familiar) creation defines a unique moment regarding
state intervention in Brazilian agriculture. Despite enhancements and
covering ampliation this program still show ambiguity related even
with its benefited public or its essential objectives. Regarding official
rethoric productive orientation is mixed with more general goals like job
creation, social inclusion, and territorial development. This paper tries
to analyze PRONAF considering recent research carried out in the state
of Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil, which was an agreement between IICA
(Inter American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture) and Brazilian
Government to create an action monitoring system and evaluate their
impacts. Final data indicates strong evidences of social differentiation
among family farmers.
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000156088 700__ $$aGodoy, Wilson Itamar
000156088 700__ $$aCaldas, Nadia Velleda
000156088 700__ $$aGomes, Mário Conill
000156088 773__ $$dSeptember 2004$$jVolume 42$$kNumber 3$$o548$$q529$$tBrazilian Journal of Rural Economy and Sociology (Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural-RESR)
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