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000155137 246__ $$aAgribusiness with blue corn from emigration and local development
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000155137 520__ $$aMexican emigration to the United States has a long history, from the bracero program from 1942 to 1964, with repeated swings and deportations to the most recent anti-immigrant measures implemented in the border states. In the community of San Mateo Ozolco, Puebla, emigration is constant and has become a center of communication and exchange with the migrant group in Philadelphia.

As part of a local strategy to reduce these flows of young people, has installed a workshop in the community to transform the blue corn kernels originating in this community, pinole, toasted flour to make pastries and other foods in order to serve that market of nostalgia, as well as local and regional markets, to generate employment and income. 
In this value chain, the consumer is essential to meet your tastes and preferences, so it has sought to meet the quality, safety, packaging and presentation that demand for their products are competitive.

Organization with which corn producers formalize their group, integrating working committees; Agro-industrial processing of corn consolidated and standardized processes. And the favorable economic performance, there are three products of that effort.
Profitability has been achieved social, environmental and financial, to strengthen the identity, presence and recognition of cultural and economic importance of blue corn in the village and the municipality. Actions and efforts to preserve and improve it, in situ; preserving this resource. The financial analysis indicates a B / C ratio of 1.03, in addition to creating four permanent jobs and influence in the production of grain, in fact pay a premium (20%), for this grain.
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