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000150502 520__ $$aA less examined facet of the local foods movement is the impact of the location
of the producer on the feasibility of operating as a local supplier. Obvious
variables are labor hours in travel to regional markets and fuel expenditures. The
costs these engender is strongly related to the density of customers that are
willing or able to deal with smaller scale delivery. Whether supplying produce or
a value-added food, the viability of an enterprise which hopes to diversify its
markets or products through a local channel is dependent on that density.
Furthermore the price received varies greatly depending on whether the customer
is a farmers market consumer, a local grocer or restaurant, or-as those markets
are exhausted-a distributor. With value-added products (28% of farms engaged in
entrepreneurial activities are producing value –added products (Martinez 2010))
the availability of alternative channels and pricing received in them is
particularly important due to the capital investment required for equipment.
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