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000014568 520__ $$aThis paper was presented at the INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN LIVESTOCK PRODUCTS SYMPOSIUM in Auckland, New Zealand, January 18-19, 2001.  The Symposium was sponsored by: the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium, the Venture Trust, Massey University, New Zealand, and the Centre for Applied Economics and Policy Studies, Massey University.

Dietary changes, especially in developing countries, are driving a massive increase in demand for livestock products.  The objective of this symposium was to examine the consequences of this phenomenon, which some have even called a "revolution." How are dietary patterns changing, and can increased demands for livestock products be satisfied from domestic resources? If so, at what cost?  What will be the flow-on impacts, for example, in terms of increased demands for feedgrains and the pressures for change within marketing systems?

A supply-side response has been the continued development of large-scale, urban-based industrial livestock production systems that in many cases give rise to environmental concerns.  If additional imports seem required, where will they originate and what about food security in the importing regions?  How might market access conditions be re-negotiated to make increased imports achievable?  Other important issues discussed involved food safety, animal health and welfare and the adoption of biotechnology, and their interactions with the negotiation of reforms to domestic and trade policies.

Individual papers from this conference are available on AgEcon Search.  If you would like to see the complete agenda and set of papers from this conference, please visit the IATRC Symposium web page at:  http://www1.umn.edu/iatrc.intro.htm
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