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000145283 245__ $$aProtection of Geographical Indication Intellectual Property of Tea in Zhejiang Province
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000145283 520__ $$aAs to tea resources in Zhejiang Province at present, there are 8 kinds of national geographical indication products, 23 national geographical indication trademarks, and 7 kinds of national geographical indication of agricultural products. From the geographical indication protection, geographical indication trademark registration, geographical indication registration of agricultural products, we conduct a analysis on the current protection of geographical indication intellectual property of tea in Zhejiang Province, and put forth the following countermeasures: (i) Based on the relevant tangible cultural heritage and natural heritage, conducting in-depth study on the characteristics of natural factors and human factors concerning geographical indication of famous tea; (ii) Based on the protection pattern of national geographical indication products, registering the national  geographical indication trademarks, and registering the national agricultural product geographical indication; (iii) Taking full advantage of special mark of geographical indication products and agricultural brand heritage, and integrating the tea brands within the scope of protection of geographical indication; (iv) Exploiting and arranging the intangible cultural heritage related to tea, strengthening the intangible cultural heritage protection of tea in the province, and endeavoring to include Longjing tea in the world's intangible cultural heritage list on traditional craftsmanship of green tea.
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