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000144041 245__ $$aIntegrated Pest Management in Rice: Integrating Economics, Extension and Policy
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000144041 520__ $$aSince 1980, a project on integrated pest management in rice has
been operating in seven countries of the South/South East ASian
Region through the Food and Agriculture Organisation. Austral1a
has been an instigator and act1 va finanOial '\nd technical supporter
of the project. An important part of the program has been
the management of brown plant hopper (SPH). This insect has become
a major pest of rice only since the introduction of intensified
rice cropping systems and the reduction in BPR predator
populations through the overuse of broad spectrum pesticides.
Initially the project was directed towards conf1rm1ng the underlying
technical base of IPM. However in recent times, the focus
has nhifted towards extension, to give the farmer practical tools
which will enable him to more effectively manage pest problems
in the rice crop. This sh1ft has highlighted the need for a
deeper understanding of soc10 economic factors affecting farmer
adoption of the technology, and the policies necessary'to susta1n
an IPM approach. Recent policy changes in a number of parti~tpating
countries including reducing insecticide imports and subsidies
h1ghlight the importance of policy measures. IPM needs to
be profitable at farmer level for the short and long term f;;.ational
econom1c benefits which flow from IPM to be realised.
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