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000143646 245__ $$aFuture prospects of Iran, U.S and Turkey's Pistachio exports
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000143646 520__ $$ais investigated. to this purpose, Revealed Comparative
Advantage (RCA) Index is calculated based on Agricultural and
total economy export, separately, then forecasted by using Auto-
Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) approached,
for 2008-2013. The results show that considering both commodity
baskets, Turkey and Iran had comparative advantage in Pistachio
export in 1982-2007, but U.S did not. Also, forecasting RCA
index, based on both commodity baskets, show the improvement
of U.S Pistachio export situation, unlike the values of RCA
index forecasting for Iran and Turkey is falling. Therefore, it is
recommended that Iran and Turkey attempt to identify new consumer
markets in order to retain their market shares in pistachio
export. Following the U.S imposed policies during last six years
which improved its pistachio export, Iran and Turkey can
increase their market shares.
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