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000140543 520__ $$aThis paper describes the results of an ecological-economic modelling exercise of the
management of a scarce habitat, namely heather moor/and. The Orkney Islands of Scotland are
used to illustrate a modelling approach which could be easily applied elsewhere, and to other
habitats. We describe the evolution and present condition of heather moorland on Orkney, then
quantify the extent on over-grazing (leading to ecological damage) on a spatial basis. This is
accomplished using a model of heather utilisation and heather productivity. Critical grazing
limits are then used as constraints in an economic model of farm production decisions, which
enables us /0 quantify the minimum necessary compensation payments which farmers should be
offered to off\'et income losses due to grazing restrictions. Such a policy is in line with European
Union and UK agri-environmental policy, which typically uses payments for income foregone
as a means of persuading farmers to protect environmental quality_
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