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000133143 245__ $$aDo In-Kind Benefits Influence Pharmacists’ Labor Supply Decisions?
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000133143 520__ $$aThis paper explores whether in-kind benefits influence the labor supply decisions of pharmacists. Particular attention is paid to decisions to supply more than thirty hours of labor per week, when in-kind benefits are usually standard. A distinction is also made between pharmacists in managerial and/or ownership positions and those in traditional staff positions. Using survey data from registered pharmacists in North Dakota, we find that the labor supply determinants for owners/managers and employees are significantly different. We also find that while in-kind benefits do not appear to influence the typical staff pharmacist’s decision of how many hours to work each week, certain, but not all, types of these benefits do influence the decision of the representative owner/manager. Furthermore, the determinants of hours worked, in general, do not differ across the thirty hour per week threshold.
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