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000127670 245__ $$aCivil War, Public Goods and the Social Wealth of Nations
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000127670 520__ $$aThis paper establishes and explores the implications of a somewhat surprising empirical
finding. Although civil war adversely affects the performance of social indicators in general, poorer
countries lose less, in absolute and relative terms, than richer countries. It is argued that the explanation may
lie in the extent to which richer countries have better social (and economic) indicators because of more public
goods, and adaptation of economic and social mechanisms to the greater abundance of public goods such as
physical infrastructure. Civil war destroys public goods, and therefore damages disproportionately the
countries most dependent on them. A further implication of this framework is that the post-conflict rebound
in social indicators should be relatively stronger in poorer countries. The data bear out this prediction. Our
results should not of course be read as implying that poorer countries need less support to avoid civil war and
to cope with its aftermath. Although their losses are less, they start from a lower base; so even small declines
severely impact human well being. Properly understood, our results highlight the central role that public
goods play in underpinning the social (and economic) wealth of nations.
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