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000125988 245__ $$aTesting alternative questionnaire formats for communicating trade-offs in environmental Choice Modelling.
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000125988 520__ $$aChoice Modelling is a stated preference technique for valuing non-market goods. It has
the potential to provide researchers with a rich data set with which to analyse consumer
trade-offs between environmental, monetary and social impacts of resource management
policies. However, this strength comes at the expense of greater questionnaire complexity
relative to other stated preference techniques such as Contingent Valuation. This study
examines whether communication aspects of the Choice Modelling questionnaires can be
improved through the use of visual stimuli. Split-sample experiments are conducted to
test response differences between a ‘scaled icons’ version of the questionnaire and a
conventional ‘numbers-only’ version. It is found that the different questionnaire versions
do not produce significant differences in response rate or preference structures.
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