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000123628 245__ $$aAn Economic Evaluation of the Benefits from Import Clearance Activities in Western Australia
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000123628 520__ $$aQuarantine trade restrictions enforced on agricultural commodities are both a safety measure and a form
of subsidy to local producers. With appropriate strategies in place the risk posed to domestic production systems
from exotic pests and diseases is reduced. This often means importers of agricultural commodities are effectively
taxed, with negative effects on consumer welfare. Hence, analysis of quarantine policy decisions involves a
comparison of notional production gains against social welfare loss. Given the large variety of agricultural
industries and the virtually endless list of exotic pests deemed as “threatening” to domestic industries, there is a
continuum of problems of this type. In some instances the effects of quarantine policies will be felt mainly by
producers, while in others it may be consumers, or a blend of the two. In the case of the mango industry in WA,
both producers and consumers are affected. A quantitative assessment of the benefits and costs of Agriculture
Western Australia’s import clearance activities governing mango importation is provided here, demonstrating an
appropriate framework for the analysis of these issues following on from James and Anderson (1998). Studies of
this nature will be of great importance to policy makers in justifying investments in specific quarantine activities
given the recommendations of the Nairne Review and the memorandum of understanding between the states and
territories of Australia to abide by these guidelines.
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