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000120497 246__ $$aDetermination of the yield of the production of ovines Pelibuey in the North of Sonora
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000120497 520__ $$aThe feeding and the shelter are considered basic needs of the man and one of the options to satisfy them is through the lambs which contribute to cover them with their meat, wool and skin. For the analysis of the yield a flock took itself from twenty females and a stallion one of Pelibuey race and was developed in conditions of semiestabulado and artificial prairie with oats and rye grass in the north of the State of Sonora.Several indicators were taken to carry out the determination of the yield taking in first instance the capital of work, point of balance, sensitivity analysis as well as the relation benefit-cost. In the case of first the amount of 109.650,44 like so was determined whereas the balance point obtains as of the second period of 270 days showing little sensitivity the changes of the sale price of the young since the ninety percent of them is realised like registry cattle and the rest to commercial prices and; the relation benefit-cost was of 1.98. These indicators show that the growing and operation of lambs under these conditions reveals an acceptable yield for the producers.
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