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000114472 246__ $$aFarmers' characterization, adoption and economic impact of using the bean variety "pinto saltillo" in North-Central Mexico
000114472 260__ $$c2011-08-21
000114472 269__ $$a2011-08-21
000114472 270__ $$mavila.mario@inifap.gob.mx$$pAvila Marioni,   Mario Rene
000114472 270__ $$mjesusespinoza_612@yahoo.com.mx$$pEspinoza Arellano,   Jose de Jesus
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000114472 520__ $$aIn the North-Central Mexico, the main production area of beans in the country, a study was
conducted during 2008-2009, whose objectives were to characterize the producers, determine
the extent of adoption and to assess the impact of using the bean variety “Pinto Saltillo”,
generated by INIFAP. The methodological approach was based on a formal interview to a
sample of farmers, who were randomly selected from a population of 45,000 registered
producers in the pattern of SAGARPA. The sample size was 496 elements. The questionnaire
included closed and open questions by analyzing each of the responses through Frequency
Analysis. Official sources were consulted for information as well as cooperatives, integrating
and marketing of beans. The economic impact analysis of the use of Pinto Saltillo was made
considering the increase in performance and / or sale price, and the number of hectares planted.
The results indicated that 65.9% of farmers used the variety Pinto Saltillo and that there are
different degrees of adoption by state: while in Durango and Chihuahua has been widespread
use with rates of 93.3% and 82.8% respectively, Zacatecas recorded use of only 13.3%. The
economic benefit generated by this variety released by INIFAP in northern central Mexico with
2008 prices, is approximately 934'000, 000 pesos. The adoption of Pinto Saltillo was a success
in production and trade that benefits producers, traders, industrialists and consumers of beans.
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000114472 6531_ $$aintegrating and marketing organization of beans
000114472 6531_ $$abean grown under water
scarcity conditions
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000114472 700__ $$aAvila Marioni, Mario Rene
000114472 700__ $$aEspinoza Arellano, Jose de Jesus
000114472 700__ $$aGonzalez Ramirez, Horacio
000114472 700__ $$aRosales Serna, Rigoberto
000114472 700__ $$aPajarito Ravelero, Arnulfo
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