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000114343 245__ $$aOptimal Management of Invasive Species with Different Reproduction and Survival Strategies
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000114343 520__ $$aIn this paper, a numerical model is developed where the role of species life history and age
structure for the optimal management of a harvested resident species which is exposed to an
invasive species. It is shown that reproduction and mortality characteristics of both species as
well as age structure of the invader at the time of invasion are important for the costs of invasions
when the invader and resident species compete for scarce resources. Species with low juvenile
survival and high reproduction is found to be most robust against invasions and more damaging
as an invader. Properties of the harvesting cost function as well as the discount rate are shown to
be of importance for the development of the invader population. Hence, it is possible to identify
specific combinations of biological and economic conditions under which invasions cause
particularly large economic and ecologic damage.
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