Research on Internal Relevance between New Farmers and New Village Construction

On the basis of Marxist theories, from the perspective that the new farmers are the qualified main body, basic factors and internal motive force of constructing new village, this paper expounds the internal relevance between new farmers and new village construction. Firstly, the new farmers have insight into villages, with strong motive of constructing new village, which make them become the qualified main body in new village construction, secondly, the new farmers are the most basic factor of constructing new village; new farmers have close relationship with other factors, with prominent inseparability; the new farmers have strong ability to replace other factors, and the farmers can shatter capital bottleneck and policy restriction in order to promote raid rural development to some extent; the new farmers with strong mobility, can migrate between city and village or change vocation among different jobs, which breaks through the regional limitation of factors; there are myriad farmers in China, and we can transform tradition farmers into new farmers by fostering, which breaks through the limitation of quantity of factors, so it can guarantee the incessant factor supply for new village construction. Thirdly, the new farmers are the internal motive force for new village construction, because the literate farmers are equipped with technique skills and good at management, and they are the excellent talents among rural groups; the new farmers fathom the characteristics of rural areas, with active consciousness, intense motive and strong ability to construct new village; they pay close attention to new village construction with passion and participate in new village construction actively.

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Asian Agricultural Research, Volume 03, Issue 04
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