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000113492 245__ $$aProblems of New Generation Migrant Workers from the Perspective of Social Discrimination
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000113492 520__ $$aThe correlation of migrant workers and other social problems are studied from the aspects of the concept of “migrant workers” and social discrimination, “new generation” and mobility of social class and the sex structure of new generation migrant workers. The results show that the “worker” in the “migrant worker” comes from the “work for other people”; although the “migrant worker” has the sense of discrimination, it really reflects the survival states of a certain social class; comparing with the first class migrant workers, the new generation migrant workers are the second generation of migrant workers, and their social position has not changed basically. The unfairness of social mobility is included among the “poor second generation”, “rich second generation” and “officer second generation”, which may lead to the hardening of social class and the appear of opposite classes; the new generation migrant workers are subverting their fathers’ psychological recognition of “man dominates the outside and the woman dominates the inside” by the imbalanced sex structure, which is characterized by more women and less men. The social problems concerning new generation migrant workers caused by the sex discrepancy are directly related to the construction of the framework which comes up to the human moral and the stable improvement of the whole social ideological and cultural level.
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