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000108417 245__ $$aResearch on Competitiveness of the Developmental Pattern of "Enterprise + Cooperative" - A case study of Lamb Fattening Cooperatives in Hainan Sub-prefecture of Qinghai Province
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000108417 520__ $$aThe empirical analyses of agricultural industrialization pattern and local husbandry in northwestern areas show that the industrialization development of husbandry in northwestern areas fasces international and national competitive pressures. The survival ability and competitive ability are the key points of husbandry industrialization. The paper, having a lamb fattening professional cooperatives in Hainan sub-prefecture of Qinhai Province as the example, introduces the general conditions of the establishment and development of cooperatives and points out the advantages and disadvantages of husbandry in Qinghai Province. The paper analyzes the competitive advantages of Hongyuan Lamb Fattening Cooperatives through five forces mode of Michael Port, putting forward countermeasures and upgrading the competitiveness of Hongyuan Lamb Fattening Competitive.
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